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“A beautifully written memoir about transitions and belonging. People who have lived internationally, especially as children, will appreciate the author’s descrption of sorrow and loss of culture and community. Knowing someone else has gone through the transition, will help others through the grief process.”

“Ms. Rice’s book is a sensitive and sincere memoir. I found her complex journey toward personal identity reconciliation genuine, heart wrenching, and beautiful. She has an enjoyable straightforward manner, blending personal impressions, historical context from turbulent times, and an awe and appreciation for all the people, especially her parents, working to better the lives of those in need around them. I highly recommend!”

“This is an extremely well written book which enables the reader to experience the history and the heart of Korea. At the same time, it helps explain the complex lives of those who live in a country which is not their “own” and yet that is what it becomes. I highly recommend it.”

“Reading Liz’s remarkable story you can’t help but ask questions about yourself. What place or places define me — where am I at home? How do you reconcile the person you see today with all the places that make that person. It’s a beautiful story- read it.”

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